Kinzzel Lip Plumper

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Lip plumper is a painless and harmless lip beauty instrument. The effect of daily use will be more obvious. For 6 weeks, the lips will be really full because of more collagen production.

  • Safety: Made of soft silicone material, safe and non-toxic to use, no harmful chemicals. You don’t have to worry about it bruising or hurting you.


  • 3 levels of power to choose from: low, medium, strong. Press the button to choose the level that you want.Suitable for different suction power demands.


  • Best Gift: Hand-size and lightweight, easy to carry and use at any time, any place. Plump up your sexy lips on your important meeting or a romantic date. Best gift for lovers and friends.


1. Lip plumper vibrates to suck your lips, no surgery.

2. Lip protection vibrating for naturally pumper, larger, bigger lips.

3. Soft silica gel material provides great skincare.

4. One button to operate.

5. Charging with micro USB cable.



1. Choose the lips that want to be rich, apple lips or full lips,

2. Press the button, start the suction and aim at the lips.

3. Press the button again, release the suction and look at the effect in the mirror. If the abundance is not enough, you can run it again. Until satisfaction.

4. If the product's power supply is insufficient or there is no power available, the USB data line on which the package is located can be used for charging.

Package Included

1 x Lip Plumper Instrument
1 x USB Cable