Cooling Pillow - Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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our Cooling pillow is filled with memory foam, soft and supportive. Gel memory foam can hold the contours of the head and neck, distributing weight evenly, relieving pressure, and helping with neck and back pain. This can also help with a better night's sleep and a feeling of good restiveness.

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Why choose Kinzzel Gel Memory Foam Pillow?


  • Double-Sided Design for All Season


The cooling gel side is designed for warm nights. Worked with ice fabric, the gel side can drive away heat. The other side is memory foam, which keeps you warm on cold nights.

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  • Special Curve Design


The memory foam has a perfect curve design that lives up to the human body engineering principle. Ensures comfortable support while you sleep and most likely reduce the snoring, neck pain, or shoulder stiffness