Baby Folding Bath Tub Seat

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  Baby Folding Bath Tub Seat

Need a comfortable and convenient way to secure your baby while bathing? If so, this  baby bath  tub seat will be the solution to your problem!

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A mother's first and biggest priority is keeping their child safe. Baby bath seats help hold your baby in place by preventing excess movement and slipping with a skinny and non-slip surface.

Infant bath tubs keep your child in one spot so accessing them is super easy. Keeping your baby in smaller spots also helps you when scrubbing or soaping off your child.

Keeping your baby accessible and safe is very important but easy storage is as well. Larger items like a newborn bathtub can leave an eye sore for you to look at. No worries as you can collapse your toddler tub making it fit just about anywhere!

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  • Non Slip Design: The Plastic & silicone design keeps your child from slipping like they would in a porcelain tub or metal sink.
  • Optional Drain Button: One of Eastricks infant tubs includes a drain plug making cleanup as simple as possible.
  • Collapsible Functionality: Storing your newborn baby bath couldn't be simpler, just push on both handles and watch your tub fold into itself.
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Product Specifications:

  • Age Group: Babies
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PP
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Size: 60x40x27.5/7cm